Shell Terms and Conditions

Health Safety , Security and Environment

1) Do you hold a current License to Operate: An official (not temporary/conditional) approval from a country governing body that has reviewed the properties risk management systems and concluded that the property has adequately covered relevant building, safety, security and health risks, to include but not limited to fully functional and adequately maintained Health, Safety & Security (Management)

2) Do you have a HSSE(Health Safety Security and Environment) Risk Management Process that will enable you to safeguard the guests Health, Safety and Security and wellbeing at all times

By responding to this lead you certify that you currently have an appropriate HSSE SP program in place as well as all applicable licenses to operate in your host market.


If Shell has a contracted non-commissionable rate at a property you are offering, the contracted non-commissionable must be offered - this must be made clear in the "Response Comments" field when submitting the property. Please refer to the EMEA commission narrative below.

If Shell does not have a contracted rate in place, please provide your lowest rate and advise of the percentage discount provided against your best available rate. It is a requirement from Shell for Oakwood to provide the percentage discount from the best available rate for all property options forwarded to Shell.


EMEA only - except where Shell contracted non-commissionable rates are being offered, rates provided are to include 10% commission.

Property Options

Supplier agrees to provide detailed descriptions of each apartment, property, facilities and services provided at the time of enquiry. In addition, all property options offered to Oakwood Worldwide on behalf of Shell are to be reflective of the apartment which the Shell employee will be booked in to. Where feasible, it is recommended that a minimum of 5 images and/or a 30-60 second video of the apartment or apartment type is forwarded to Oakwood Worldwide at the time the property is offered.

Supplier also agrees to only offer apartment options which closely match the criteria as requested at the time of enquiry. For example, Supplier agrees to only offer one-bedroom apartment options should a one-bedroom apartment be requested. It is also essential that Oakwood/Shell bookings are not then "upgraded" without prior written notice and approval from Oakwood.

Pre-Arrival Process

Supplier agrees to carry out a thorough pre-arrival inspection in advance of each Shell booking. Supplier agrees to complete and provide a detailed pre-move-in inspection report which either matches or closely mirrors that of the "Oakwood Worldwide Pre-Arrival Property Checklist." The completed checklist to be emailed to your Oakwood Worldwide Representative no later than 5pm the day prior to the booking start date. Should a guest be vacating the same morning that a Shell guest is due to check-in, the pre-arrival checklist is to be completed in advance of the check-in and a copy of the checklist to be emailed to your Oakwood Worldwide Representative, no later than 5pm the day after check-in.

It is further agreed that the Supplier shall provide a minimum of one business days' notice should an apartment fail to meet any of the criteria as detailed on the pre-arrival checklist.

The supplier agrees that should any issues be identified on the pre-arrival check on same day check out/check ins, the issue is rectified immediately or in cases where this is not possible (i.e. a broken appliance) Oakwood is immediately notified with the proposed timeline on when the issue will be fixed/rectified (issue resolution no later than 48 hours).