Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore Promotes Healthful Lifestyle to Guests

Restaurant dining

SINGAPORE - Dec. 20, 2017 - Renowned for providing luxurious accommodation for corporate guests, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore proactively helps busy executives achieve a work-life balance by offering a curated selection of quality health and fitness initiatives.

Set Lunch at the in-house restaurant Se7enth. Additional healthy eating options are offered as well. With a 24-hour fitness center, guests have the option to enjoy workout sessions around the clock.

To further expand the property's fitness offerings, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore has collaborated with top-class fitness brands. The first partnership is with WorldTrainer, a global network of personal trainers that allows guests to access experienced personal trainers no matter which part of the world they are located. This ensures that their fitness regime is not disrupted by their frequent business travel.

Another partnership is with Aquaspin, who is providing dynamic water aerobics and aqua biking classes at the infinity pool, perfect for guests to enjoy the panoramic city view while resistance training against the cool water. Guests will gain convenient access to these classes held on-site at the property's outdoor infinity pool at a discounted fee.

Being situated within OUE Downtown and directly above the lifestyle mall Downtown Gallery, guests also have direct access to a diverse range of fitness and wellness brands. Favorable rates are available for classes at athletic based group fitness studio Haus Athletics or at fitness studio Wings To Wings.

On the efforts in promoting a healthy lifestyle at Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, General Manager Roy Liang says, "Many of our guests are frequently on the road and battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle amidst their busy schedules. By providing these convenient fitness collaborations right on our doorstep, we hope this will provide an extra incentive to help maintain their work-life balance."

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore is located at 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 1.