Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta supports Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

Construction working building a home

JAKARTA, Nov. 3, 2017 – Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta continues its commitment to Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, as they lend a hand building houses for low income families.

A team of 28 volunteers led by Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta’s general manager Mr. Ian McKie assisted Mr. Udin and Mr. Abdullah in their house-building efforts in Kampong Garungsang, Bojong Koneng village – Bogor.

Aside from helping with the painting and finishing of the house, the team of Oakwood employees also engaged the local community with activities such as drawing and children’s games. The day ended with the team distributing clean bath towels and face towels to all the familiesin the village which was received by Mr. Said as the chief head of Kampong Garungsang, Bojong Koneng village.

Said Mr. Ian McKie, “We are pleased to a part of this small project to assist Mr. Udin and Mr. Abdullah with their housing. A clean and hygienic house is one of the basic living necessities and we will continue supporting Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to provide and develop better living conditions for low income families.”

About Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

A non-profit organization which started in Indonesia in 1997, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia is a non-profit organization dedicated to Indonesian people to reduce improper housing with building a simple, appropriate and affordable house.