The Millennial Intern

Two friends sitting on a sofa while texting

Work-Life Balance Shapes Expectations for a Successful Experience

This trend report explores how millennials, also known as Generation Y (those born approximately between 1980 and 2000), and their unique work preferences are significantly changing – and challenging – how businesses recruit, support and manage this rapidly growing workforce segment. Remarkably, projections show that millennials will make up as much as 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025¹. With so many first entering the workforce as interns, companies are taking note of millennials’ distinct qualities, including their focus on work-life balance, their strong sense of community and their need to be “plugged in” 24/7, all of which dramatically impact what they expect from their internship experience – including housing accommodations. As corporations plan and budget for their internship programs, they need to consider many variables for the housing portion of their program – from offering lump sum vs. direct billing, to deciding roommate arrangements and onsite amenities, to providing a secure location within close proximity to the office. To provide the right housing program within budget and that meets the growing demands of millennial interns, more companies are turning to temporary and serviced housing providers to design customized solutions that will, ultimately, help convert those interns into full-time employees.

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