Supplier Partnerships Bring Value

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A leading global professional services firm’s employees frequently travel to a client’s headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. Depending on the number of personnel involved and the duration of the assignment, requirements for accommodations can vary widely. And because the firm’s client is located in the nation’s capital, rates are generally high and availability is limited.

The firm approached Oakwood Worldwide® with a request for 20 units at a low rate for a three to four month stay, near the downtown business district, with the potential for one or more units to be added in the future. Availability in the downtown Washington, D.C. area was extremely limited and further minimized by the required price point on the project and the length of stay commitments.


Oakwood Worldwide offered its Oakwood Arlington property in Arlington, Virginia, to meet the rate, volume and days stayed requirements, but it was located too far from the client location and exceeded its standard Critical to Quality (CTQ) goal for distance. Other accommodations near the client site either exceeded the budget or did not have the required number of rooms available.


Oakwood Worldwide was able to devise a unique solution through a partnership with Vaughn Place at McLean Gardens. Located just one block away from the client site, this complex offers one to two bedroom full service residential rental units for short or long term stays. Oakwood Worldwide was able to negotiate a low rate well within the firm’s budget. Additionally, Oakwood Worldwide obtained a 30-day, no-penalty lease break clause, allowing the firm to leave at any time without incurring additional costs.


Oakwood Worldwide’s partnership with Vaughn Place is an example of a successful partnership working with a supply chain network and Oakwood Worldwide’s capability to deliver a truly customized solution. Because of the in-depth knowledge of the local market, including the location of different facilities in relation to work sites, Oakwood Worldwide was able to offer a comprehensive response, saving its client both time and money.