Oakwood opens doors to a convenient, customizable travel experience with its online booking

Smiling woman working on a computer

Around the world, technology plays an ever-increasing role in day-to-day life. Mobile devices, laptops and wearable products keep people connected around the clock. The instant access and on-demand control of daily activities that these items provide has led consumers in all market segments to expect a more streamlined and tailored user experience. Spurred on by online shopping and digital entertainment giants, such as Amazon, Apple and Netflix, and influenced by technology-driven end users, companies, like Oakwood, are innovating solutions to give customers greater value in their digital interactions.

For the short- or long-term traveler, this means providing convenient, customizable online systems for reserving and managing accommodations. Oakwood is leading its category by offering live, immediate online booking of move-in-ready furnished and serviced apartments available around the world. With a robust guest-focused digital strategy, Oakwood is carrying out its commitment to keep pace with both technology and trends, providing solutions that give guests the best possible online booking and reservation management experience.    

Tech-savvy workforce—reshaping the travel experience

The way people travel—from transportation to accommodations—has changed, and Millennials were largely responsible for that.1 Not only have they never known life without a computer, but also, they are more engaged in their travel experiences—handling details online and sharing information with others through multiple outlets. Their desire to have access to anything anywhere has fueled innovation to give them, and all travelers, just that.

While the hotel industry set the bar for the type of digital experience travelers expect with fast, easy booking and digital check-in, Oakwood has responded by introducing the industry-leading tools that give guests expanded solutions for booking and managing their stays from beginning to end.

Oakwood—advancing online reservation management

Oakwood devises easy-to-use solutions that meet evolving guest and client needs. Fifteen years ago, Oakwood introduced the industry’s first online booking portal. Today, guests can easily search from a large global inventory of furnished and serviced apartments and book online using one of several platforms, including the recently launched Oakwood website and the newly introduced Oakwood Mobile App. In total, every year, 130,000 guests and clients use Oakwood’s robust digital capabilities to book accommodations. 

The guest experience—self-booking for a more tailored experience

A 2016 GBTA Foundation study showed that when it comes to travel, 7 of 10 business professionals prefer to manage their bookings themselves using self-service tools.4 By self-booking, users gain more control over their stays. With Oakwood digital booking options, guests can choose a move-in-ready apartment that combines the comfort of home environment and the conveniences of a hotel. They can design the stay they want—searching properties and choosing the amenities they need in locations they like. They can then follow-up the search by immediately securing a listing online.  
As guests continue to look for more authentic, personalized, no-hassle and on-demand solutions,5 Oakwood will continue to respond with convenient, customizable solutions that increase value for guests on the go.



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