More Choices in More Places with Oakwood Worldwide

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Oakwood Worldwide® offers a range of convenient, comfortable corporate housing options located in the most frequently traveled locations for consulting professionals.

New York City, the nation’s business and cultural center, is headquarters to leading banking, finance and communications companies. Oakwood Worldwide® provides:

  • 20+ properties in and around New York City
  • Locations in and around business and financial districts, as well as near famous cultural and entertainment attractions
  • Proximity to local travel hubs like Penn Station and Grand Central Station


Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech companies, thousands of technology start ups and leading research institutions. Oakwood Worldwide® gives you:

  • 240+ properties in and around the Silicon Valley area
  • Convenient locations near office parks and businesses
  • Close proximity to restaurants, museums and galleries as well as parks and recreational areas


San Francisco, the commercial and financial center of Northern California, is headquarters for five major banking institutions and various other companies in the high tech and entrepreneurial sectors. Oakwood Worldwide® is there with:

  • 100+ properties in and around the San Francisco metropolitan area
  • Easy access to multiple business locations whether start-ups, incubators and venture companies
  • Close proximity to major destinations for culture, entertainment and outdoor recreation


Boston, a center of higher education with world-renowned universities, leading technology, high tech, professional and venture capital firms, is a frequently traveled consultant destination. With a strong presence, Oakwood Worldwide® offers:

  • 50+ property options within the Boston metropolitan area
  • Strategic locations near key tech, business and education centers
  • Convenient access to public transportation
  • Close proximity to historically and culturally significant sites


Chicago, an international hub for the finance, commerce, technology, telecommunications and transportation industries, is a top destination for consultants. No matter what sector you’re working in, Oakwood Worldwide® is the easy choice with:

  • 40+ property options within the Chicago metropolitan area
  • Proximity to multiple transit options
  • Easy access to an array of restaurants, museums, sporting venues, shops and parks


Guests can earn Marriott Rewards® points for stays of 30 days or more at our ExecuStay® apartments, with access to special rates, free nights and other benefits.*

With hundreds of strategically located properties, Oakwood Worldwide® offers the convenience and access consultant travelers require. Call your sales representative to explore housing options today!

* Taxes, refundable deposits, long distance charges and damage fees are excluded from qualifying charges. Stay for less than 30 days are not eligible to earn Marriott Rewards® points. Marriott Rewards® points cannot be earned on stays booked with the Oakwood Worldwide® brand.