Corporate Housing Partnership: Elevating the Guest Experience Through Consistency, Comfort and a Standard of Care

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The Situation

Bristol Global Mobility (Bristol) ensures that relocating employees are productive in their new locations as quickly as possible. Delivering suitable corporate and long-term accommodations to clients is a key component of the destination services they provide. Bristol delivers assignee temporary housing for both short and long term stays, and their clients have come to depend on them as a reliable resource they can trust to manage the corporate housing service while keeping their mobile workforce engaged and committed. In order to meet the wide-ranging needs of their clients, Bristol developed a network of destination service providers (DSPs), augmented by their global network of corporate housing providers.

The Challenge

Just as regional customs, rules and regulations, currency, languages and culture vary from location to location, so does the availability of corporate housing and serviced apartment solutions. Bristol found that working through a DSP in one location might yield a certain level of short-term housing, but using the same specifications and budget requirements—and seeking similar quality, size, pricing and landlord situations in another region—showed a sharp lack of consistency.

The Solution

Bristol realized there were many benefits to be offered to their clients by realigning their global temporary housing network and developing stronger partnerships with a limited number of providers who had demonstrated deep global relationships and trustworthy reputations. As a result, they carefully outlined their global needs to select vendors. The markets sourced for Bristol were in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Taiwan and the UK.

Oakwood Worldwide®, with the industry’s most expansive global inventory, award-winning customer care and high-quality solutions, responded with cost-effective, customized housing options that included flexibility and availability. Oakwood Worldwide was also able to provide assurance that Bristol would work with a dedicated Global team, alleviating the complexity of addressing individual relationships in each region. And with Oakwood Worldwide’s deep supply chain network, and a team that continually sources new housing, Bristol was confident their needs would be met in each market.

The Results

Bristol notes that the partnership with Oakwood Worldwide makes it possible to deliver a significant improvement in service. By “re-sizing” their pool of global service providers to a smaller, carefully managed select few, Bristol is able to achieve greater control, consistency and quality. With respect to their partnership with Oakwood Worldwide, they are able to centralize billing – which is now processed in one currency – and simplify the complex housing search and selection process so team members have one contact point for all housing-related issues.

Oakwood Worldwide’s informational materials are well-researched, handsomely prepared, and professionally presented providing Bristol the quality they expect, and that the assignee can count on, no matter where in the world their business takes them. Bristol’s confidence in their ability to deliver comfort and a standard level of care rose quickly; and so did the positive evaluations they received from assignees.

“We talk a lot about developing partners in the mobility industry, and Oakwood Worldwide is certainly an outstanding one,” said Colleen Nelson, CRP, GMS, Bristol’s director, international service delivery. “Oakwood Worldwide is held in very high regard in the global relocation community. They stand fully behind their housing, and we know that we can expect a constant and reliable level of quality, delivery and service. We have established a longstanding, strong and mutually beneficial partnership. We believe Oakwood Worldwide does a terrific job in understanding our needs, as well as the needs of our clients and therefore delivers a high-quality product each time we engage their services.”

About Bristol Global Mobility

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