4 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity on the Road

Man looking out plane window

As businesses continue to stretch limited travel budgets to send key talent to work on projects and assignments across the globe, it’s important to provide the right tools, support and environment to get the most out of every business trip. The following four tips can help you ensure your employees stay satisfied and productive while on the road.

1. Promote Balance

Research has long-suggested that “strategic renewal” time is an important way to improve creative problem solving, job performance and stress management. So, encourage employees to leave room in their schedules for a work out, some quiet reflection time, or a walk in a nearby park. Getting a good night’s sleep is also imperative in renewing one’s mind to prepare for the work ahead. But adjusting to new surroundings to get a good night’s rest after a long flight can be a challenge. To help employees adjust, consider exercising a policy which encourages employees to extend their business trips to arrive the weekend before their meetings to get settled-in. Taking time to explore the city will provide a deeper understanding of the local culture and will also help employees arrive to meetings refreshed and ready to work.

2. Encourage Healthy Living

Business travel delivers many benefits, like gaining valuable experience in new markets and building stronger relationships with clients. But, it can also have a disruptive impact on a healthy lifestyle. Business travelers staying in hotels often must skip workouts and eat all of their meals at restaurants. A study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that people consume more calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium when eating out vs cooking their own meals.1 A healthier alternative? Book employees in serviced apartments, which often include onsite pools and fitness centers, as well as fully equipped kitchens where they can start and end their days with a freshly prepared meal that is likely to be healthier than most restaurant alternatives. 2

3. Slot in Time for Planning

Every minute spent planning saves time in execution. Give employees time before, and in between, business trips to help them set goals, create a detailed itinerary, and research prospect opportunities near their destination for a more productive trip. In addition, managers should encourage and help employees prioritize their most important, high-value tasks to keep meetings focused and to manage face-time with clients while on the road.

4. Harness the Power of Technology

More than ever, technology is helping business travelers stay connected while on the road. In a recent study, 78 percent of U.S. business travelers said they prefer to use self-service technology to manage their travel.3 Many companies offer these types of apps and tools for little or no cost. For example, the Oakwood Worldwide® mobile app, free to Oakwood Worldwide® guests, allows immediate access to individual reservation details, housekeeping services and community information, giving travelers more control over their stay at all times.

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